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About GSA

Gwinnett Soccer Association (GSA) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion and development of soccer in and around Gwinnett County. Our purpose is youth soccer and our primary interest is in your children.

We are all excited about each new season and we make a special commitment to each of you to provide you with the best youth soccer in the area.

Youth soccer is good for our community. At its best, it inspires teamwork, respect for rules and authority, allegiance to others and self-confidence. It stresses fitness, endurance and hard play at a time when bodies are developing and lifetime habits are being formed.

Our primary objective in youth soccer is for the players to have fun with an emphasis on teaching good sportsmanship and improving skills and knowledge of the game, and coaches will provide a game format that will allow for this. The coaches of the older, more experienced teams will also work on fitness as well as the technical and tactical aspects of the game.

GSA's Vision Statement

Gwinnett Soccer Association will be the model of excellence for the promotion and the development of soccer throughout the State of Georgia.

GSA's Mission Statement

To provide a broad-based, low-cost recreational and select soccer program where children have fun and learn the game of soccer through controlled competition.
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