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Practice Schedules - Fall 2014

Please note that this document is subject to change.  We have attempted to accommodate as many coaches and teams as possible.  We will continue to refine the practice schedule through the beginning of the season.

If you notice any mistakes or have any questions about the schedule, please contact us at

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Founders (U8 Boys and Girls)

Bender (U12 Boys and Girls)

Time Field Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Time Field Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5pm - 6pm A U8 Thompson U8B Raas U8B Thompson U8B Raas 5pm - 6pm A

5pm - 6pm B
5pm - 6pm B
5pm - 6pm C 5pm - 6pm C
5pm - 6pm D 5pm - 6pm D
6pm - 7pm A U8G Braz U8G Clark U8G Braz U8G Clark U8B Abellera 6pm - 7pm A U12G Campbell
U10G Hill

U10G Hill
6pm - 7pm B U8G Stanio U8B Abellera

U8B Kunter U8G Stanio U8B Kunter 6pm - 7pm B U10 Hinson

U12B Parks (Chargers)
U10G Kemp U12B Parks (Chargers)
6pm - 7pm C U8G Soroka U8B Tipton U8B Hart
U8G Soroka U8B Tipton 6pm - 7pm C U12G Thompson
U12G Dawkins
U12G Thompson
U12G Dawkins
6pm - 7pm D U8B Hart U8B Nowak U8B Mullins U8B Nowak U8B Mullins 6pm - 7pm D U8B Husson

U10B Zupan
U12B Amaya (Chelsea)
U10B Zupan

U12B Amaya (Chelsea) 
7pm - 8pm  A U12B Myers
    U12B Myers                
7pm - 8pm
    U12G Campbell                 

Upper 10 (U10 Boys and Girls )

 7pm - 8pm
 A   U12B Kala (Tornadoes)   U12B Kala (Tornadoes)

   7pm - 8pm
 B U12B Weido (Wolves)    
 U12B Weido (Wolves)
Time Field Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 7pm - 8pm C
5pm - 6pm
U10B Carnes
U10B Carnes 7pm - 8pm D U12B Myers (Arsenal)

U12B Myers (Arsenal)
5pm - 6pm
5pm - 6pm

Schrader (U14 to U19 Boys and Girls)

5pm - 6pm D
Time Field Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6pm - 7pm A U10G Richard U10G Remschik U10B Frazier
U10G Penn U10B Hinson 5:30pm 7pm A U19B Rush  U19G Lee

U19B Rush 

U19G Lee

6pm - 7pm B U8B Beckham U8G Siebels U8B Beckham

U8G Siebels
5:30pm 7pm B
U19G Hill

U14B Torp U19G Hill

U14B Torp
6pm - 7pm C U10B Kemp U10G Penn U10G Richard U10G Remschik 5:30pm 7pm C U12B Batson/Brady U16B John B

U12B Batson/Brady
U16B John B

6pm - 7pm D U10B Frazier U10B Bizu U8B Husson
U10B Bizu 5:30pm 7pm D U14B Forrester
U16G Wynn U14B Forrester
U16G Wynn
7pm - 8pm A U10G Beckham U10B Spake U10G Beckham U10B Spake 7pm - 8:30pm A U16B Grant U14G Drew U16B Grant U14G Drew
7pm - 8pm B U10B Stanio U10B Stanio 7pm - 8:30pm B U14G Luigi U14G Roger U14g Luigi U14G Roger
7pm - 8pm C 7pm - 8:30pm C U14B Polynice U14G Eplett U14B Polynice U14G Eplett
7pm - 8pm D 7pm - 8:30pm D

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