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Field Marshals

Each Home Team must provide one (1) parent to be Field Marshal during your game and will be responsible for the field where their child is playing and the surrounding area.  Please report for duty 30 minutes prior to your game time.

Field Marshals for the first game of the day should check in with the Officer of the Day and get a vest.  For later games, you will get a vest from the Field Marshal on duty for the current game on your field.  If there is no game in progress on your field when you arrive, please check in with the Officer of the Day to get a vest. 

If you have any questions or problems, please check with the Officer of the Day.  A full job description is listed at the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions, please contact Shoukat Qari.

Officer of the Day Schedule

Weekend Saturday 8:00 - 1:00 pm Saturday 12:30 pm - Close Sunday 12:30 pm - Close
March 1 & 2 Shoukat Qari Kathleen Simpson *
Mar 8 & 9 Warren Smith Kathleen Simpson Cheri Gatland-Lightner
Mar 15 & 16 Leigh Hickman Scott Grassmyer Chug Shafe
Mar 22 & 23 Ron Gulley Charles Norton Kate Beans
Mar 29 & 30 Shoukat Qari Ron Gulley Terry Myles
5-Apr Dale Gaithers Leigh Hickman No game
19-Apr Warren Smith Cheri Gatland-Lightner No game
Apr 26 & 27 Ann Wright Charles Norton Chug Shafe
May 3 & 4 Mike Wright Tim Tallent Kate Beans
May 10 & 11 Dale Gaithers Tim Tallent Scott Grassmeyer
May 17 & 18 (Rain makeup) Terry Myles Kathleen Simpson Mike Wright

Officer of the Day Duties


  1. Unlock the shed and get the corner flags out for set up
  2. Unlock the gates onto the complex (make sure all locks are locked in place to prevent losing them)
  3. Check in Field Marshals and advise them of their duties Have Field Marshals set up corner flags for start of games
  4. Have coaches of games move their goals into place Unlock the garage and get the golf cart

While Games are being Played

  1. Best effort to keep the games on schedule
  2. Monitor the Field Marshals
  3. As games are completed for the day on each field, check if there are games on the field the next day. If so, leave the goals where they are. If no games are scheduled for the next day, advise the coaches of the last game of the day that the goals must be moved for practice for the next week.
  4. All under 5, 6, and 8 goals should be moved up against the back fence.
  5. Be available in case of injury or emergency
  6. Make sure the complex is policed for trash and receptacles emptied


  1. Confirm goal placement for the next day
  2. Make sure all corner flags are locked up in the shed
  3. Close and lock any open gates to the field – parking lot gates remain open and secured
  4. Put the golf cart back in the garage and hook to the charger

Field Marshal Duties

  1. Check in and get a vest Enforce the complex rules.

    I. No smoking on the complex anywhere inside the fence
    II. No foul or abusive language
    III. No pets allowed on the complex
    IV. No parking in no parking areas (i.e. yellow curb, no parking signs, or along Cole Drive)  
    V. Pick up trash and empty trash cans when full (trash bags can be found in the concession stand).

  2. Stroll your field and surrounding area, and be seen. We are here to help. 

  3.  Assist, if necessary, with injuries (get ice from concession stand, if serious injury, get officer of the day), etc.
  4. By all means, watch your child’s game, but please be mindful of what is happening around you.
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