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Rescheduling Games

For SELECT (Athena & Classic) and Recreational teams playing other leagues (typically U12 and older) all reschedule requests must be approved in advance by your Georgia Soccer Age Group Coordinator.  A list of AGC's are posted on the Georgia Soccer website and can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.  Their email approval needs to be forwarded to the field scheduler ( along with your request to reschedule.

All requests to reschedule games should be made by email to the scheduler (

Please include the following information with your requests:

- Date, time and field of the original game
- Age group/level of the game
- Name of the home team (SELECT teams should include year & color)
- Name of the opposing team

A complete FIELD SCHEDULE is available on the website to help you determine what fields are currently booked for each date during the season.  Your email to the field scheduler should also include:

- Preferred date (or dates) for the makeup game
- Preferred time of day

Any request for a mid-week game (Monday through Thursday) has to be approved by the league President before it can be processed by the field scheduler.

If a GSA team is playing a team from outside of our club, it is the responsibility of the GSA team to confirm all of the details of the reschedule with the opposing team.

All requests to reschedule games must be made a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the date your game was originally scheduled.   Any cancellation with less than 7 days notice will not be rescheduled until the team(s) have submitted payment to GSA for the cost of the referee crew.  The check must be presented to the field scheduler or the league President before the game can be rescheduled.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the rescheduling policy, please see your Age Group Commissioner.
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