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Sports Medicine

Welcome to the GSA Sports Medicine Program. These pages are intended to provider readers with important information as it pertains players' health, and provide guidance and recommendations for assisting players, parents, coaches and others for maintaining the health and well-being of players throughout the soccer season(s).

Player Injury Report
If a player does get injured during the season and regardless of the severity, please complete the Injury Report through Georgia Soccer. Read more here

The Report of Injury needs to be electronically completed by the coach, assistant coach, or team manager, NOT THE PARENT.  The coach should fill out the injury form for ALL injuries.  Many times what does not look so bad on the field later turns out to be quite serious. Pullenins Accident Medical Claim form Click link, then Georgia Soccer.

Meet 'Doc'

Terry ‘Doc’ Parker joined GSA in 2010 to provide sports medicine services for the U14-U18 Boys Select Teams. Doc is a Board-Certified (ATC), State-Licensed (LAT) Athletic Trainer, who also serves in the same capacity for the Lakeside High School Boys Soccer Program. He previously served as the Head Athletic Trainer for the U S National Youth Soccer Team. Doc has more than 35 years of adolescent sports medicine experience, and speaks at both state and national conferences on issues and injuries related to adolescent athletes. His professional memberships include the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), and he is co-author of the recently published NATA Position Statement on Prevention of Pediatric Overuse Injuries.   Doc is also a member of the Society for Adolescent Health & Medicine and serves as a Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Adolescent Health, and is on the faculty of the Emory University School of Public Health where he has taught Adolescent Health.

Parents, should you have any questions or concerns about any of your son’s soccer-related injuries (head to toe and everything in between), or other issues, please feel free to contact Doc at (770) 216-9786 or email him.  He will be available year-round to assist U14-U18 Boys Select Teams' players in an effort to keep them healthy and on the field. All consultations and services are free-of-charge.


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
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