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As part of registration, you will be offered the opportunity to donate to the Capital Improvement Fund. There is an optional $25 donation box listed as part of registration. If you do not wish to make this donation, simply uncheck the box next to that line item. If you would be interested in making a donation for a different amount, please use the DONATION box also displayed on the screen.

We encourage all players to register online and as a convenience, you may pay by credit cared (Visa or MasterCard) or debit card online.




Registration Amount

All players will receive a "Financial Disclosure" document at tryouts and at signing day.  This document is to provide the player and parents a complete list of all expenses associated with select soccer including registration, training fees and anticipated tournament expense.  The disclosure will also disclose how many players the team is anticipating to roster and how many months the training fees will be collected.  The monthly expenses will vary per team depending on the playing level of the team and the number/cost of the tournaments they anticipate participating in.  You should collect a financial disclosure from any team you are interested in trying out for during tryouts.


Age Group

Fall 2012*

Spring 2013

Academy through U19



* Fall registration includes mandatory team camp

Please note that the amount of registration listed above is for "on time" registration.  Registrations received after the due date are subject to a late fee.

Age Chart for Select Soccer

  January February March April May June July August September October November December
2004 U9 U9 U9 U9 U9 U9 U9          
2003 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10 U9 U9 U9 U9 U9
2002 U11 U11 U11 U11 U11 U11 U11 U10 U10 U10 U10 U10
2001 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12 U11 U11 U11 U11 U11
2000 U13 U13 U13 U13 U13 U13 U13 U12 U12 U12 U12 U12
1999 U14 U14 U14 U14 U14 U14 U14 U13 U13 U13 U13 U13
1998 U15 U15 U15 U15 U15 U15 U15 U14 U14 U14 U14 U14
1997 U16 U16 U16 U16 U16 U16 U16 U15 U15 U15 U15 U15
1996 U17 U17 U17 U17 U17 U17 U17 U16 U16 U16 U16 U16
1995 U18 U18 U18 U18 U18 U18 U18 U17 U17 U17 U17 U17
1994 U19 U19 U19 U19 U19 U19 U19 U18 U18 U18 U18 U18
1993               U19 U19 U19 U19 U19

Additional Info

Birth Certificate: When you register at GSA for the first time, you will need to provide a copy of the player's birth certificate.  

Uniform Package:  Select teams have more uniform options and will purchase their uniforms through their individual teams and in conjunction with their team manager.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: 
Select Players:  Select players are not eligible for a refund after the signing date as established by Georgia State Soccer Association.

Equipment:  The uniform package available through GSA includes multiple jerseys, shorts & socks. Players will provide shin-guards, appropriate footwear and a ball.

Appropriate size soccer ball

Age Group

Ball Size

U9 through U12


U13 & Up


Every player must wear shin guards to all practices and games. Shin guards must be commercially manufactured specifically for soccer.

Players must wear turf or tennis shoes for practices.  All age groups are required to practice in turf shoes -- GSA has a "No Cleats" policy in effect for practices.  Players are allowed to wear molded soccer cleats for games.   Please be aware that players are not allowed to play in baseball cleats or other cleated shoes that would contain a toe cleat.

Each player should bring a water bottle to all games and practice. Players should put their names on their water bottle.

If you are registering a player at GSA for the first time, a copy of your child's birth certificate is required along with your registration form. Hospital, baptismal or other religious certificates are not acceptable.  If you are having a problem getting a copy of your child's official birth certificate, go ahead and send in your registration form now and make sure you provide us a copy of the birth certificate prior to the first game.  No player can be allowed to play in a game until we have a copy of his or her birth certificate.  You may mail the birth certificate to the address at the very bottom of this screen or fax the birth certificate to 888-724-6516.

Thanks for registering online and we look forward to seeing you at GSA!
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