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Dear Parents,

Child safety is a paramount concern to Gwinnett Soccer Association (GSA). With that in mind, our policy prohibits staff members from communicating specific information about a child or team to any individual not listed in the child’s registration information.  We appreciate your understanding.

Gwinnett Soccer Association will use this corner to assist parents with their soccer experience. We hope you will be a frequent visitor to this page and will find the information helpful. 

Give Us Back Our Game

Give us back our game

We are concerned that the beautiful game is in decline. Soccer for children is now very different from earlier generations when the only adult involvement was a call from your mom that your dinner was ready. 

In a world where children can no longer play outside without supervision, parents and coaches have taken over. And the competitive drive adults bring to the game means youngsters no longer have time to fall in love with soccer, to play for fun and thus truly to develop their skills.

Today's children learn from the grown-ups . Without the freedom of the streets, their early experiences of soccer are organized, supervised and coached. They have no real say in what happens, and they don't have time to develop and learn.

The problem areas are:

No longer the children's game - it is controlled by adults
The same children on the bench or omitted every game
Coaches and parents screaming from the touchlines
Winning before fun and development
Not enough free play where children can solve their own problems
Children are not encouraged to express themselves
Children no longer learn about the spirit of the game for themselves


US Youth Soccer Parents Resource Library

US Youth Soccer Positive Parenting DVD

Positive Parenting discusses the practice and game environment as well as the ride home, each from the perspective of the players, referees and coaches.

"Positive Parenting addresses positive behavior and supportive techniques to enhance the players' enjoyment of the game," said David Messersmith, president of US Youth Soccer. "The DVD is reasonably priced so it can be used by everyone and believe it to be an asset to those working with our youth players."

This presentation provides a unique blend of psychology/philosophy and interviews with children of various ages. This video provides insight on:

  • Why children play
  • Teaching sportsmanship by example
  • How to be supportive soccer parents
  • Developing vs. winning
  • Red cards for parents
  • Emotional needs of players
  • Keeping it all in perspective

Parent Education

Parent Your Best
Jeremy Boone shares keys at becoming a true sporting parent. Sporting Parents, can be and in most care are, the key element in the sporting success of a young athlete. Read about how you can become the reason your child succeeds in sport. READ MORE

Feeding the Young Athlete
Cynthia Lair and Scott Murdoch present information on what young athletes should eat, when they should eat and how to shop for their food. It includes some informational graphics to easily present ideas, such as what and when to eat on a game day. READ MORE

Developing Creative Potential within Each Child
Horst Wein provides the 10 most important conditions to develop creative potential in youth players. His list includes suggestions like letting kids play every position, giving the players more freedom to create their own training games and using more games than exercises in training. READ MORE

Winning vs. Development
I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. Winning, or having a good chance at winning, is an outcome of good player development. Let’s be clear up front – always try to win. There’s nothing wrong with winning. It’s winning at any cost that is a problem. When the outcome of a match is more important than young players having the chance to perform, then a coach must take a step back. It’s the drive to win at the detriment of the players that is a problem in youth soccer today. READ MORE

Diversity Can Be a Burden to Bear

At some point during each season, our boys begin to notice what has become commonplace. On multiple occasions, the Morristown boys soccer team is the target of racial and ethnic slurs. Highly offensive and inappropriate comments have become an uninvited tradition for our boys, both on the field and from the sidelines. What some coaches and players have dismissed as “trash talk” is, upon closer examination, highly inappropriate and deeply sad. READ MORE


Parents and Youth Soccer
GSA and Georgia Soccer understand and respect the parents vital role in youth soccer but sadly enough they are often the least informed stake holders. Most parents’ primary goal is to help their child enjoy his/her soccer experience and help them reach their potential. In addition to that, many parents help manage their child’s team and some even hold important positions at their youth club. Most board members and decision makers at youth clubs are parents. 

Georgia Soccer recognizes the important contribution made by parents in youth soccer and appreciates the challenges facing parents in their quest for guidance on how to help their child reach his/her potential in life, how to be supportive, and how to help their club in its mission to develop players. 

To that end, Georgia Soccer offers a comprehensive menu of free Parent Education Seminars, free Online Introductory courses, and Soccer Parenting online courses for nominal fees. In addition to that, we also post articles and videos specifically geared to soccer parents, which can be found at


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