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Juggling Challenge - The Battle of Gwinnett


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30-day Juggling Challenge

The Battle of Gwinnett

 Download the tracking sheet below and bring to your practice to have it verified by your coach. 

Juggling Challenge Rules

Juggling Challenge Tracking Sheet 



  1. You must participate EVERY day for your log to count towards the challenge.

  2. Each player gets one “cheat day” when they don’t juggle. We would recommend that you save this

    for a legitimate sickness/illness. Don’t use the cheat day because it’s raining outside or on a day when you “just aren’t feeling it”. Juggle in your garage, basement, etc. if needed.

a. Make sure you pack a ball for your Spring Break Beach Trip!

  1. Parents MUST sign the form each day; we recommend hanging it on the refrigerator or some other

    location in the home that the whole family will view multiple times every day.

  2. NO extrinsic rewarding from parents or other sources.

a. For example, no compensation (monetary or otherwise) for completing the challenge. 5. Scoring: Each age group/team will earn points for the following:

  1. Participation Points:

    1. 50% team participation in the challenge = 10 pts.

    2. 70% team participation in the challenge = 20 pts.

    3. 100% team participation in the challenge = 50 pts.

  2. Quality Points:

    1. The park-based team with the highest median score = 10 pts.

    2. The park-based team with the highest participation % = 10 pts.

    3. The park based team with the highest post challenge score = 10 pts.

    4. The park based team with the highest % of improvement (as a team) = 10 pts.

      *% to be determined from pre-post measures (the April 1st and May 1st scores)

  3. Wild Card Points: Videos should be sent to
    i. The park based team with the best juggling video (less than 30 sec) = 25 pts.

    ii. The park based team with the best “pick-up” video (less than 15 sec) = 25 pts. *Videos will be judged on creativity of skill, difficulty of skill, and video presentation/style. Feel free to add music or special effects.


Practice with a Purpose, Play with a Passion! 

Juggling Club

Our juggling program has been completely revamped.  In an effort to increase participation and encourage players to work on their individual ball skill, we hope our new program adds more incentive.  Now there is a greater opportunity to earn juggling patches at skill cut offs that increase in smaller increments and completely new patches that players can collect as their juggling skills improve.  Our new patches allow our revolution players to display their pride in the club by displaying our club shield with the number of juggles boldly visible for all to see!

The guidelines to the program are simple:

*  A player must successfully keep the ball in play with no bounces using a legal soccer touch.

*  No ground bounces between touches.

*  Each time a player fails to keep the ball in play the player must start their count over.

*  NEW!  Any combination of surfaces is permitted as long as all surfaces used are legal soccer surfaces. For any patch level. (feet, thighs, chest, head, top of the shoulder)

*  The player must use the proper size ball for their age group U-8 and under size 3, U-9 thru U-12 size 4 and U-13 and up size 5.

*  In an attempt to earn a juggling patch, an adult must observe a player and a juggling patch form must be completed and signed by both the adult and the player.

*  Juggling patch forms available below and can be turned in at the uniform room to pick up your patch.

*  Patch levels begin at 10 and a new patch is earned for every increment of 10 up to 100 juggles.  At 100 juggles the increments increase by 25 up to 300 juggles for all U-9 and above players.  All U-8 and younger jugglers the patches start at 5 and increase the same as above.

Boys and Girls- get to work on your Juggling Skills and collect as many patches as you can!  Cover your bag and display your juggling ability proudly.

“Great jugglers aren’t necessarily great soccer players, but all great soccer players are great jugglers”   -Soccer Coach

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