GSA Select Information


(See Frequently Asked Questions below)

Thank you for taking the time to consider the select program at Gwinnett Soccer Academy. Our club offers a range of age groups to help develop the technical and tactical soccer skills of your children. The bonds and memories that your child will make with players and coaches will last a lifetime. 

The opportunity to play select soccer should be taken seriously by the athlete as well as the parents. Both player and parent must understand the commitment involved, financially and in terms of time investment, to make select soccer productive and enjoyable. Travel, training fees, practice, promptness and attendance are just a few of the demands expected when participating in the select program.  The Select program also requires a one year commitment (both Fall and Spring seasons).

Select programs, called Athena for girls and Classic for boys, are designed for boys in the U13 - U19 age groups who desire a highly competitive level of play. We are fully staffed with professional coaches who have the experience and training to work with young players looking to improve their individual skills and develop higher level team dynamics.  

Select teams train twice weekly and play weekend matches against teams from other clubs around the Georgia area. Additionally, teams may choose to participate in various local or regional tournaments.

Team Selections

Open tryouts are held each year in May/June according to the schedule provided by Georgia Soccer. Positions on Select teams are awarded based on evaluation at tryouts of a players skills and game knowledge. The skills, attitude and potential each player exhibits at these tryouts are considered when team positions are offered. Not every player who attends tryouts will be offered a team position.

Time Commitment
Most select teams will practice two days a week with higher level teams training a third day.   Occasionally, conflicts arise in which the participant cannot attend a practice. Other activities (music lessons, other sports, homework, vacations, etc.) should be considered before committing to competitive programs to avoid significant interruption of the required practice and game schedule.

By accepting a place on a select team roster, a player commits to play the full seasonal year, June through May. For 13U and 14U players, this comprises the fall and the spring season. For 15U through 19U, there is only one season of play in the fall with the possibility of a short season and tournaments in the spring, after the high school season is completed.

Evaluations for 13U - 19U teams are held in May and June each year for the coming soccer seasonal year.  Information on registering for evaluations will be provided in early May each year through our website.  Recreational players can join Gwinnett Soccer Academy select programs at any time during the year, assuming space on the team exists and the evaluation is successful.  As long as you are not registered with another competitive program, you are free to tryout for GSA.   Select players must obtain permission from their current club before any discussions about playing opportunities are held once they accept a position on a competitive team.

Teams participate in 1 or 2 tournaments a season. All teams must participate to one pre-season and one-post season events. Teams can decide to do more than 2 tournaments a season. 

Fees associated with pre- and post-season tournaments are not included in the registration fee. Teams must register according to the procedures published by the hosting clubs and on the dates specified.



These questions and responses were taken DIRECTLY from email communication we have had with members. We hope this increases the transparency of our Academy/Select program.

What is the Select Program with Gwinnett Soccer Academy?
The Select Program is a competitive program that focuses on the technical, tactical, mental and physiological development of players ages13U - 19U.


Where is the Gwinnett Soccer Academy program located?                                                                

Gwinnett Soccer Academy has two locations that cover Gwinnett County.  Each location has a full complement of teams for all ages and levels.

North: Serves Dacula and surrounding areas

South: Serves Lilburn and surrounding areas 

How does Select program differ from recreational soccer?                              

The Select Program is geared to acclimate players who aspire to play in a competitive environment.  This is achieved through a progressive curriculum and outstanding, professional coaching staff that have played and or coached at every level and possess professional coaching licenses and diplomas from the United States Soccer Federation and/or the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

How are Select teams formed and can my child play with their friends on a team?

All players within the age group are evaluated during tryouts in May/June proceeding the seasonal year. Players are selected based on skill levels and offered positions on a specific team with an assigned coach.  Decisions are not impacted with regard to friends or carpools. 

How much commitment is required?

For Select players at all clubs, a mutual seasonal year commitment, which lasts until the tryout period the following year, is expected. For 13U - 15U teams this means your are committed to play both the fall and spring season with your team. For 16U - 19U teams this means a fall commitment to your club team, allowing you to play for your high school team.  Many select teams reform for an end of seasonal year tournament in May or for State Cup.

When and where are tryouts for the upcoming season? 

Tryouts dates for the Select age groups are given to us by Georgia Soccer and typically are the first Tuesday-Thursday after Memorial Day for 13U and the following Tues - Thurs for 14U - 19U.  We highly recommend attending all three days of tryouts. 

What happens during tryouts, what happens if my child is selected for a team?

At tryouts your player will be evaluated by the coaching staff in various group and individual skill activities.  The staff will assess current skill level, desire and potential ability.  This criterion is evaluated along with consideration as to how and where that individual’s ability will best fit in order to foster continued learning, improvement and further a competitively challenged environment. 

For Select team, will we have to travel all over the state or country to play games?

Maybe.  The majority of games are played in the immediate area with other local clubs in the metro Atlanta area.  Most are within 45 minutes from our home facilities.  But many select teams will play games throughout the state of Georgia as well. 


What free programs do you offer as a Gwinnett Soccer Academy member?

Each location offers free Goalkeeper Clinics to all members.

When are the training sessions for Select teams?

Team training occurs twice weekly with 1½ hour sessions.  Higher level team will train three days a week. Training sessions are planned out by our Directors before the season begins in cooperation with individual coaches.  You cannot request a specific training day or time. 

What are costs for Select compared to other clubs?

Cost for Select players at Gwinnett Soccer Academy fall within the average of most other clubs in the area with payment plans and arrangements available to accommodate budgeted households. Included in your yearly fee is our Team Camp, the first week of August.  This is a 4-day camp that is offered to all players to kick the season off with a bang!  

A separate cost is made for tournaments throughout the year. Tournament costs range from $30-$70 per player per tournament independent of possible travel and lodging cost.  Our costs, unlike many clubs in the area are all inclusive, except for tournaments.  

In addition, a uniform cost of $200 - 300 can be expected.  We are on a 2-year uniform cycle so uniforms purchased in Fall of 2017 will be worn through the Spring of 2019.  If you enter the program mid-seaon or mid-year there are no discounts on uniforms. 


Can my player also participate in other leagues while playing for GSA Select?
Registration for an Georgia Soccer affiliated Academy program, such as ours, does not allow for your player to participate in other "leagues" that run Fall and Spring.  This includes recreational programs.  We do offer winter and summer camps as well as futsal programs and 3v3 tournaments throughout the year to keep your player's skill improving. 


Can my player participate in out of state summer camps? 

We promote Summer camps, clinics, etc. that help your player keep their foot on the ball. We regularly run weekly camps throughout the summer at both locations.  We also support the Nuno Piteira Soccer Experience, which holds a residential program every summer.  Because there are so many opportunities for residential summer programs, we recommend you discuss your options with your coach to make sure you chose one that will provide the best experience for your player at their level.